Uber driver typical earnings Even with tips and promotions driver's earnings were less than $30/hour

A Rideshare Cooperative driver might have earned about $1800 in the same amount of time.

Your new life in rideshare

  • Free to join.
  • Retain 90% of fares.
  • Keep all of your tips.
  • Remain self-employed.
  • Earnings are never withheld.
  • Block unpleasant passengers.
  • Take breaks as often as you want.
  • Stop chasing promotional bonuses.
  • Never experience corporate retaliation.

Enjoy even greater earnings!

  • Drive any car.
  • Earn while driving to pick-up.
  • Full earnings from shared rides.
  • Quick rides at congested venues.
  • Higher rates beyond driver locale.
  • Take breaks as often as you want.
  • Receive detailed earnings reports.

How can drivers earn so much?

Average rate is a bit over $1 per minute. Add insurance and bureaucratic fees. Note, rates may change to maintain advantage and/or competitive parity.

Rate Period Rate*/Min %/Wk (hrs**/wk) Fares/Wk
Base rate $   1.10 20% (8 hrs) $   528.00
Heavy traffic 0.90 60% (24 hrs) 1296.00
Airport 1.25 10% (4 hrs) 300.00
Night/Holiday 1.50 10% (4 hrs) 360.00
Average gross weekly earnings: $2,484.00
Average gross annual earnings: $129,168.00

*Rates may vary. **Service hours, approximated.

How will Ride's service work?

  1. Passenger requests a ride, and selects from a list of nearby acceptable drivers.
  2. Driver accepts or declines the time-limited request
  3. Driver earns while heading to the passenger. Cancellations pay for time driven.
  4. Toll costs are added to passenger's bill, and returned to the driver.
  5. Municipal fees are appended to passenger's bill, and remitted to the municipality.
  6. Livery insurance costs are appended, and remitted on behalf of the driver.
    • Note: livery insurance may be managed as a risk retention group and if so then a portion of the cost may need to be withheld, and if so it will be reported transparently. Livery insurance is one of the aspects that have yet to be resolved once we receive funding.
  7. Driver earnings and tips are credited to the driver upon ride completion.

You will remain your own boss

  • Ride will work for you, you will not work for Ride.
  • Passengers that enjoy your service might add you to their favorites list. They will likely prefer their favorites when booking future rides. Poor service experiences will likely delist you from their preferred and neutral drivers, and will limit your ride requests.
  • Passengers may delist you, to never receive your service again.
  • Drivers may also delist passengers to never service them again.
  • For everyone's safety, rides are recorded in case required by investigators.
  • 24-Hour support will be available to assist callers.

What does it cost? What do drivers get?

Ride keeps 10% of fares.

In consideration for the withheld 10%, drivers receive:

  • About $60 gross earnings per service hour, minus our 10%.
  • Access to a personal portal in your Ride Drivers app.
  • Nearby ride requests that fit filtered parameters.
  • GPS-integrated maps displaying routes to passengers and destinations.
  • Merchant account system to charge passengers and to credit your account.
  • Bureaucratic and third-party fees will be automatically forwarded.
  • Complete and transparent reports that include passenger payments and all fees.

Consider what YOU want

We need to raise $6 million to make it happen, and we don't just have that sitting around.

This impacts us all, drivers most severely, and with your support we'll raise the requisite $6M.

We're requesting of drivers to each invest $60, even as little as $5 for each of 12 weeks.

Some might be risk-averse. Seriously? We're investing in your future, is $60 too much?

We're requesting your trust. Trust us, we're doing this for you!

We are working to forge a better future for you, and need you to achieve it. Support us!

The longer it takes to raise the $6M, the longer drivers remain impoverished. Do not tarry!

This is your time to shine courageous, support our campaign.

PLEASE stop letting employers exploit you. Work should be enjoyed, not endured.

Contribute to our common success, and enjoy an enthusiastic Ride of your life!


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How we'll be using your contribution.

Your contributions are handsomely rewarded.