Driver weekly Uber earnings

What did this driver actually earn from Uber?

Click the chart and see that he was servicing passengers for 32h 2m.

  • That's 1922 minutes ((32 * 60) + 2 = 1922)
  • With tips and promotions, earnings totalled $939.21, which equals 49 cents per minute. ($939.21 ÷ 1922 = $0.4886)
  • Therefore, including tips and promotions, average earnings were about $29.32 per hour. ($0.4886 * 60 = $29.316)

Yet to determine earnings...

  • tips must not be included because many passengers don't tip, and some tip very little, so tips have been crossed out, and
  • promotions don't count because they are inconsistent, not always present, not always offering significant value, and are not part of the actual fare, so they have also been crossed out as well.

Crossing them out reveals actual earnings:

Fares alone earned him $655.21

  • That's 34 cents per minute. ($655.21 ÷ 1922 = $0.3409)
  • That's $20.45 per hour. ($0.3409 * 60 = $20.454)
  • How much will he have after taxes, fuel, maintenance, insurance and phone bill?
  • Drivers who think that they're earning a living at this rate are truly deluding themselves!
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