Our World Is What We Make It

Rideshare Dependence

We found taxi services expensive and difficult to book. We discovered ridesharing was fairly priced and we grew to depend upon it. Drivers were suddenly everywhere and ready to scoop us up in moments.

Crazy Pricing

Then Big Rideshare started preying on passengers. We had become accustomed to commuting on rideshares daily, and found our budgets being regularly stretched by frequent fare increases.

Moreover, all too often we were ourselves being robbed by surged prices at the 11th hour that we neither anticipated nor had time to mitigate, and found ourselves victims of our own dependence upon Big Rideshare services.

Our Ride Experience

Since early 2019 our rides were no longer the pleasant commute that we grew to enjoy. Our drivers were being robbed of their earnings by the Big Rideshare companies, and despite mass protests drivers' earnings continued to steadily decline. What was once a pleasant experience for all had become a nightmare for many, as we watched ourselves empowering Big Rideshare practices with every ride that we booked. Yes, we passengers were, and still are, paying for the heavy chains with which they continue to bind us all. All so that investors and a few executives can become richer than they already are.

We All Deserve Better

We should demand better for ourselves, for our drivers and for our communities. We have the ability to restore ridesharing to its affordably priced pleasant experience, and to ensure that fares are actually received by the drivers who service us. We are after all the ones who supply Big Rideshare with the cash that perpetuates their atrocities, and we should take responsibility as a community and correct it, for our sakes and for our drivers and communities.

Our Pricing

A cooperative is based upon membership, and ours is free and easy for both passengers and drivers to join. Member passengers will receive heavily discounted rates on their fares, just like member drivers will recieve greater earnings.

The prices presented herein are based upon member drivers serving member passengers for 40 minutes every hour, with drivers typically waiting for 20 minutes of every hour between ride requests. Please bear in mind that driver earnings do not reflect drivers' operating expenses and taxes, and that the prices listed herein may be slightly adjusted by the time that we launch our services.

Got a head for the math? Here's an example. In the San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA) demand is most intense during rush hour when ride fees are expected to be reduced to $0.80 per minute in slow-moving traffic. In a typical 40-minute rush-hour ride, where thirty minutes are in slow-moving traffic (@ $0.80 per minute), and ten minutes are in free-flowing traffic (@ $0.95 per minute), the passenger will be charged (30 * $0.80) + (10 * $0.95), which is the same as ($24) + ($9.50), which adds up to $33.50. In turn, the driver will receive 90% of the fare: $30.15.

In cities where cost of living is much lower, like Las Vegas (LV), passengers may expect to pay $0.75 per minute in free-flowing traffic, and $0.60 per minute in heavy traffic. In a similar ride in LV, where thirty minutes are in slow-moving traffic (@ $0.60 per minute), and ten minutes are in free-flowing traffic (@ $0.75 per minute), the passenger will be charged (30 * $0.60) + (10 * $0.75), which is the same as ($18) + ($7.50), which adds up to $25.50. In turn, the driver will receive 90% of the fare: $22.95.

In lieu of surged prices, if demand is unusually high and you are in a hurry then you may apply a surcharge when requesting your trip to expedite a driver's arrival.

Naturally bridge and road tolls, state, municipal and institutional fees, and credit card processing fees will be charged to passengers in addition to the fare, and will be included in the fare quote. Toll fees will be returned to drivers in full, state and municipal fees will be passed on to their respective recipients, and credit card fees will be forwarded to the credit card processors. Tips will be entirely forwarded to the drivers.

We Want You to Join Us in Championing Our Common Cause!

We've labored to create a business model that is as lean as we could make it, designed around three values that we believe represent our communities' values and yours: 1) Our drivers will always receive at least 90% of passengers' fares while the rest will cover business and operations, 2) member passengers' fares will consistently be similar to Big Rideshare's currently recognized discounted rates, and 3) we will continue to strive to discover new and innovative ways to service our communities in favor of our drivers and passengers.

We want what you want, and we're invested. We are about enhancing our communities and improving our lives. Please take this opportunity to support us, and give us the opportunity to deliver on our promises to you and to our communities.

We'd love to be able to say that we'll launch globally and help the whole world turn things round. Unfortunately, to do so at this time is unrealistic because even Big Rideshare is losing money on foreign ridesharing services, so we'll circle back to our global interests when we determine that we can manage it more effectively.

Join Our Membership and Help Us Better Our World

Joining our membership is your way of doing your part by showing your support in helping us better our world.

Our membership is free. We don't want your financial contributions, we want your support. Sign up for memebrship now to stand with us and share our convictions against Big Rideshare robbing the rest of us. Our solidarity with you in pursuit of our common cause will enable us to reshape this industry, and will send a clear message to other corporate industrialists that free people do not tolerate these behaviors.

Our members deserve to receive the lowest pricing and our most gracious service, so Rideshare Cooperative members will receive our membership rates, approximately 20% off, on all ride requests.

Join our membership now - click here.

We've made our stand, and this is where you can make a difference. Please join us.

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