Greetings, and thank you for visiting my site. I'm Jeff and this is my story:

Like many of you, I drive rideshares to augment my income. Also like many of you, since the end of 2018 I've been feeling increasingly stressed because rideshare companies have been paying us progressively less and less while costs have been rising higher and higher. Despite our complaints and demonstrations, they continue to manipulate us, leaving us to struggle to make ends meet.


My mission is to establish a global rideshare cooperative, commencing in the USA, that guarantees drivers the entirety of their fares and that offers passengers competitively-priced courteous service.

My Background

I have been a Silicon Valley California resident for close to 20 years. I worked for companies and consulted for start-ups as a software engineer, which means that I specialize in creating computer systems like rideshare applications. Some of the more-commonly-known places where I consulted include NASA and Mass Mutual Insurance. So why am I driving rideshares instead of getting a "real job"? I stopped working for other companies years ago, and decided to dedicate my time instead to a tech project that is all about helping people and communities in a meaningful way. Resume Smarts is currently in beta-testing, and I'm super-excited about releasing to the public very soon. In the meantime and up until the onset of our current crisis I have been supplementing my income by ridesharing.

Why Fight This Fight?

Community is everyone's responsibility! If I don't step up when I can then shame on me for sitting out while others in my community are in crisis and I don't help.

Its's a matter of values. Good people don't sit by and watch others in their community victimized, and most of us are quite gracious. Most of us also don't really have the time or bandwidth to respond effectively to this crisis on our own, so I have created an effective solution for us with the hope that you the reader and the rest of our community will support it.

What've we been up to?

A great deal has happened since our site's soft launch about a year ago. Finding the 'right' executives who can see this project through is as important as the project itself, and takes time and effort. We've refined our business model so that it can be more efficient and competitive than our competitiors', secured partnerships with supporting industries, and are just about ready to secure funding.

Who's in This with Me?

I'm proud to convey that we've been fortunate to find the 'right' kind of executives to join us, others who share our values and convictions towards enhancing our communities and our world. They include a very passionately committed finance executive, a world-class technologies systems architect who was a prominent contributor at Borland, Microsoft, and other global tech-industry giants, and an executive who has been in executive roles for most of his career at various global industry giants including the well-known companies Citicorp and Pfizer. Who are these mysterious executives? You'll find out soon enough, and they've responded very passionately to our communities' calls for help. We'll soon be approaching our investor communities, and once we secure investment we'll have more to share.

Our Genius Accountant

Tax laws are complicated, and many of us wish that we could find some exceptional and awesome accountant who can show us how to work the tax system in our favor. Alamo Bookkeeping & Tax Service is devoted to serving our community, and worked with me to model a ridesharing service that enables drivers to keep most of their earnings. They have over fifteen years of experience servicing those in the transportation industry, and are also highly recommended to anyone who wants tax advice on keeping their earnings out of the government's clutches. I wholeheartedly recommend them!


I thank my rideshare-driver friends who assisted me in developing the vision for a cooperative that will make us all proud, and the numerous rideshare passengers who offered their excitement, encouragement, insights, endorsements and support.

I also thank Nick and Mia of aBK6 for this site's concept and design, Yehuda Goldner for its Responsive Programming, and 1&1 Ionos for their generous server and hosting packages and their fantastic support.

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